Serving Young Adults


About Us

Dedicated to providing guidance, support, hope, and encouragement to young adults in care.


Our mission is to provide residential support services, guidance, support, and encouragement, to promote a seamless transition from state care to independent living for foster care teens and young adults.


Our vision for foster care youth is to encourage healthy habits, to develop educational and career goals, and to break the cycle of foster care.


Our Facilities

Apartments for Young Adults

North Star offers privacy and common spaces for young adults to gather, connect, socialize, learn, and prepare for adulthood.

Case Management

We are committed to provide case managers access to a comprehensive and timely intake and case management process.


From Real Clients

Well… Honestly my experience with living here is great…I do get experience as an adult living here, cleaning and cooking for myself is nice. This place is like an opportunity to get things done, but by doing it yourself because you are leaning about it at the same time. Like when I got my state ID and my EBT, it was like the adult side of me was finally coming out. I needed this place.


Things in my apartment are awesome! I love the staff and I love it here.


I haven’t been at North Star long, but I do already have a couple good memories. The first is the day when all the kids were taken off campus with a staff member who took us out to a buffet, and it was a lot of fun. The second memory is of Memorial Day. It was also Jennifer’s birthday. So we had a nice BBQ and I made cake and she gave a very nice speech and it was a lot of fun! Later than night, we continued to set up the inflatable pool and after a lot of good food and a lot of good laughs with good people, it was a good day. I love North Star. I love my roommates, the people, the staff, the place. I’m happy here and I hope to have many more good memories!


North Star has been amazing! Since I’ve been here, I’ve been doing super good in school and learning how to live with roommates in the real world. When you’re living here, you learn how to communicate with others. I love how we do things as a group!

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